The Holyoke Youth Task Force (HYTF) is a coalition of youth-serving non-profit agencies, city and state representatives, and community volunteers interested in creating positive opportunities and a healthier community for Holyoke youth. Members serve the HYTF mission of: “Working collaboratively in order to strengthen the voice of youth in Holyoke and to advocate for sufficient resources to meet their needs” by attending monthly meetings, participating in committees and workgroups, and volunteering for HYTF events.

The HYTF monthly meetings are open to all and are a great way to get to know the Holyoke community. At coalition meetings, participants are able to network with other youth-supporters and city stake-holders, learn about local initiatives and community events, and take part in discussions on relevant youth-related topics. The Holyoke Youth Commission (HYC) is the youth branch of the Holyoke Youth Task Force. It was developed in the year 2000 to give a voice to youth in making positive change in the community. The HYC is comprised of youth, ages 13+, whose members represent a diverse experience of living in the Holyoke community. They meet at least weekly to work on various community-bettering projects.