Holyoke Nights Peer Leader Isabel Negroni

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Holyoke Nights, Peer leader, Youth manager

Isabel is a senior at Holyoke High and she’s been part of the Holyoke Youth Task Force and  Holyoke nights for 4 years.  She’s planning to continue her education after graduation  in the field of forensic science. As a peer leader for Holyoke Nights Isabel is responsible for running the weekly meetings and along with other youth she assigns event tasks and guides everyone is choosing themes, decorations, locations and music.  She also runs various workshops to promote youth development.

Some of the past event she has been responsible for are this year’s Valentines dance, Holyoke Idol,  Fright Night and a Luau. Currently Holyoke Nights is planning a Scavenger hunt for April, a You have Choice’s event and a Slip and Slide event.

Isabel, what is the purpose of Holyoke Nights?

To show youth that they can still go to a party without drugs and alcohol and still have fun.

Why is that important?

Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol can put you in dangerous situations and effect the rest of your life if something bad happens.

Do you think the Holyoke Nights events are making a difference?

Holyoke Youth are excited about the events we have and ask me when the next event is, they have so much fun and realize they can have fun without using substances.

I really like running the program because it’s such a rush that 500 kids are at our events instead of house parties where they could get in trouble.