Holyoke Nights

Holyoke Nights  The Holyoke Nights (HN) event series is a project of the Holyoke Youth Task Force to create and publicize youth-planned, community supported, alcohol-free events where youth can gather with their friends and peers in the City of Holyoke. Imagined as safe, positive alternatives to house parties and social clubs, HN events offer opportunities for teens to socialize and engage in their community through unique, fun activities that are generated by a youth-led planning process.

The set up crew for Holyoke Nights’ Leaves on Fire dance finishes up.

Holyoke Nights Planning Committee Holyoke Nights events and planning committee are non-discriminating spaces, and we welcome all youth. Planning Holyoke Nights events provides youth with opportunities to express their interests, explore their talents, pursue their passions and commit themselves to positive, community-impacting endeavors. The committee is open to any young person in Holyoke between the ages of 13 and 20, and meets weekly at the Girls Incorporated Teen Center. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at the information below. Sponsor a Holyoke Nights Event Holyoke Nights also supports and funds the planning of community-wide events by other agencies. Organized youth groups in Holyoke who are interested in hosting or planning a community dance, sports tournament, speak-out or other large community event for youth should submit an application for funding and support to the Holyoke Nights planning committee. If an event is selected for sponsorship, HN will provide a modest budget, a trained group of adult and youth volunteers, and support in every step of the event planning process. Contact Anne Thalheimer for more information!

Holyoke Nights Code of Conduct: These rules were drafted by the Holyoke Nights Youth Planning Committee.